Bread Dread

Do you eat “light bread”? Or hot dog and hamburger buns? Do you eat them because you like them or do you like what you put between them?

I wonder if it’s called Wonder Bread because you wonder if it is. I wondered what was in it but couldn’t intrepet the ingredient list. I bought it, I tasted it, I still don’t know what it is. So I did this………….

They ain’t so pretty, they are all different sizes but I know what’s in them ’cause I put it there.

Do you make your own bread?

Mine is called Ed Bread!

10 thoughts on “Bread Dread

  1. Good job! I do make my own bread, rolls, buns, etc. It’s cheaper & healthier, plus I really enjoy doing it.


  2. Good looking bread and like you say you don’t have to wonder what chemicals you are consuming. Personally don’t like Hamburger and’or Hot Dog buns since there is to much bread. This might be because growing up at Needmore we would use ‘Light Bread’ on Hamburgers and Hot Dogs.


    1. I usually scoop out all the insides of my buns I eat myself. I’m a crust man! The doughy part makes good hog feed but I don’t have a pig, yet.


  3. That looks delicious! I have made my own but the best I’ve ever had was Aunt Beverly’s grilled cheese with with her fresh baked bread! Now my husband and I are eating low carb so we had to slow down on the bread😪


    1. They are good! I’ve only eaten one so far! I filled it with homemade barbeque and coleslaw. I couldn’t eat it all. Next time I’ll make them half that size.


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