Boiled Eggs

It’s only a coincidence that I noticed this at Easter. I was merely boiling eggs to go in a salad for supper. I put them in a little saucepan on low heat since they were right out of the refrigerator. I didn’t want them to break open. Nothing unusual!

Later I went back to check on my eggs and noticed streams of bubbles escaping from the surface of the shells. Again nothing unusual.

Then I noticed the bubbles were coalescing on the surface. What I saw next sent me running for my camera.

Eggs6 (1)

Now look at the shape of the eggs! Remember they are still in their shells and hadn’t even begun to boil. What’s up with that?

Eggs6 (2)

Are the bubbles trying to force themselves back in?

Have you ever experienced this phenomenon? Do you have an explanation? If so, I’d really like to know. I like boiled eggs but after this I’m kinda skittish about eating them!

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