Coffee and me!

I drink coffee every morning. My favorite mug


has gotten crackled inside.

inside old (1).jpg

I didn’t know if it was safe to drink out of since it was made in China and because my grandson gave it to me, I decided to put it a display case and get a new one. So, it’s off to Wally World and here’s what I bought.


Nice big mug! Right? Holds about 2/3s of a 5 cup pot.

Notice: I am left handed so the above is what I see when I reach for my cup. Got it?

So here is what I would see if I were a rightie.

new coffee

Here’s my quandary. Why does it say “COFFEE” only on one side?

After much delibration I have reached a conclusion. Right handed folks have to have it spelled out for them before they know what they are drinking!

Do you agree? Let me know in a comment.


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